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Download a printable version of warranty (PDF, 170 KB, 1pg.)

Our prints have a 90-day unconditional 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. Our warranty is 90-day instead of 30-day as with other vendors because, as art lovers ourselves, we realize that many people need to "sit with" a piece of art to truly decide if they love it. We want you to be satisfied with the art you purchase from us. Consequently, we provide instructions on returning the print with your order as well as a return shipping label. If you are not satisfied with your print for any reason, for example, mat color isn't what you expected, the photo doesn't go with your decor, the color doesn't look like it did on your computer monitor, you may send it back to us with a copy of your receipt for a full refund of the original purchase price and original shipping. We do require that we receive the print in its original packaging in sellable condition before we issue the refund and we would prefer that you use the original box and packing material.

Our prints also come with a 100% money back guarantee on materials and workmanship for a full year. If, at any time in the year, the print or mat fades, discolors, or any other defect develops due to poor materials or workmanship, you may mail it back to us with a copy of your receipt for a full refund for the cost of the print. This part of our warranty is null and void if the print is not properly cared for or displayed as stated in our print care instructions.

This warranty applies only to purchases made directly from us via mail order from our web site, art fairs, or other direct contact with Taborton Mountain Photography staff. It does not apply to purchases made involving a middleman such as from galleries and gift shops. This is because middlemen take a commission and we receive only part of the purchase price.

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