A meditative stillness settles over me when in the wilderness away from human distractions.   Going into wild areas by myself, I experience a deep spiritual connection with nature that has not been spoiled by human presence.   Simple visual designs and compositions with strong abstraction catch my eye.   I’m not so much inspired by other photographers in my image creation as by painters such as the late works of Turner, Whistler’s nocturnes, and the tonalism of George Inness.   Study of work such as these is the key to painterly photography.      

The square is symmetrical and implies no movement. Long, low images rest on the surface. Both fomats are still.   Still water and reflections, some symmetrical and some not, fog and mist; all are still.   Use of the light-dark design principles of Notan, negative space, points, lines as well as soft colors and outlines, and indistinct shapes reinforce the sense of Zen-like stillness.

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Yellowstone Dreams
Behind the Old Mill
Yellowstone Gold
Dawn on the Yellowstone
Echo Lake in the Fall
Madison River at Dusk
Pre-Dawn Salutation
Spirit Dawn
Adirondack Evening
Chapman Pond
Cascade Pond
Frozen Stillness
Pastel Morning
Spring Mist
The Golden Hour
The Tao
Zen Pond