Limited Edition Sepia Gallery

The art of photography started as monochrome before the technology to create color images existed.   Sepia toning was used in the darkroom as a means to increase longevity; the silver halide crystals in the print were replaced with silver sulfide, a more stable compound, during the toning process.

Presently, sepia tones are used to evoke different moods and feelings than strict black and white.  They impart a sense of nostalgia; as in "old time" photos..  Sepia images are also softer and warmer, to some people more inviting than black and white.


Before Dawn on the Yellowstone River
Firehole Falls
Christina Lake, Popo Agie
Clearing Storm over Yellowstone Lake
Black River Cascade
Fair Weather over the Bighorn Basin
Earth and Water
High Peaks Wilderness
Greenland Pond
Porcupine Falls
Rabbit Brush in Bloom
South Fork Country
Storms over Heart Mountain
Sunrise Fog in Hayden Valley
Timberline in the Bighorns